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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is waiting a week with no hot water OK with you? Or would you rather have it done right now?

"I returned from vacation and I was looking forward to a nice shower. The bad news: My water heater was kaput. The good news: I called Right At Home. Thanks, guys. Great job! The installers were prompt and efficient in their installation and the follow up from your company was very thoughtful and considerate. Thanks again for a terrific job."

Will McCarley
Ahwatukee Foothills, AZ

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We never anticipated dealing with anyone as pleasent, efficient, and easy to work with as you!

"In twenty seven years of married life, we have never dealt with a contractor quite like you. Although you came to us very highly recommended, we never anticipated dealing with anyone as pleasant, efficient, and easy to work with as you have been. From the first minute you entered our home (with your impeccably clean booties) to each and every time we return to our Arizona home, we are impressed.

Brent, no job ever seems too difficult for you. You have never said that a job could not be done. No matter how big or how small. Each job that you have done has been completed in a timely, efficient and meticulously clean and thorough matter. We look forward to a long association with Right at Home Repair and Remodeling."

Linda and Marty

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dreading the hassles of your next remodeling job?

"I have heard so many people moan about getting a remodeling job done in their house. If they weren’t waiting all day for someone to show up, another contractor had stood them up, and held the job hostage until their portion was complete. I thought the service I got during my first visit was wonderful and I raved to anyone I could. I explained how wonderful it was to have a list of small household jobs that could be simply handed over and have everything taken care of. Although that part is true, I found it does not do justice to what your company offers.

The absolute brilliance of your service lies in having the entire job, no matter what it is , how big it is or how many people it requires, managed and done by one organization . All I had to do was be there. The job started on the agreed date, each workman arrived on time, and the job progressed each day until it was complete. Simple theory, impossible (until now) to get in practice, and worth remembering and using over and over again.

We couldn’t be more pleased. And we have told everyone we know about the wonderful service and workmanship you provide. Thanks so much for a job well done!"

Jack Lawless

Monday, April 26, 2010

Want less hassle & less stress when it comes to maintenance & repair projects around your house?

"I was nervous about calling in a contractor to fix things around the house because they’re usually late [if they show up at all], they’re usually sloppy which means I’m left to clean up their mess and I have to take off time from my work to baby sit them. Thankfully, I got a recommendation to use Brent’s company, Right at Home Repair and Remodel. Brent and his crew are on-time and their staff is friendly and respectful of my home.

Better yet, the honey-do list of items like a sliding door to the pool that we had to wrestle like an alligator to open now is smooth and easy to open and close. My garage door that was on its last legs has been replaced with a quiet as a mouse dependable unit and I’ve got a guest bathroom redone with no big money or big hassles.

To me, using Brent and his team at Right At Home is a great way to get the honey-do list done and for me to get my freedom back and enjoy my home the way I should."

Al Levi, Paradise Valley, AZ

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Want to be so happy about your next remodeling project you're dying to tell your friends?

"We were so impressed with how great a job your team did on our neighbor’s door installation project. We would not have used anyone else but your company to work on our home. The doors and painting work your team did turned out better than we expected. We are really happy and will recommend our company to all our friends."

Bruce Bowman, Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We’re so nuts about being clean you could eat off the floor while we do your new kitchen installation

"I am calling to specifically let you know how pleased I am with the paint work by your staff in my kitchen! He is an outstanding professional and representative of your company. He is polite, knowledgeable, and neat. There wasn't a spec of dust when I returned home and the job was done beautifully. I like acknowledging when work is exceptional and outstanding performance by your people!"

Ron Nordstrom,
Sun Lakes, AZ

Monday, November 2, 2009

Restoring Normal when Disaster Strikes

"I want to thank you for bringing the resources of Brooks Construction to our house and for restoring things to normal so promptly and in a highly professional manner. It was immensely reassuring to have the benefit your perspective on the damage as well as a plan for restoration within hours of the occurrence. Every stage of repair was carried out on a schedule by expert, diligent craftsmen. From the outset, I felt that the solution to this challenge was in capable hands , and each step of the way the feeling was confirmed. Well done!"

Ky Coffey

Phoenix, AZ